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By Amber Green

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Warning!!! Make sure you are not making the same mistake I did!!!!

Our material reality is measured by space and time. If you are anything like me, my life is run by time. I worry about it the most in my everyday life.


I want to do everything, be with everyone all at the same time.  

Time management has been a tool that has helped me in many ways but it has also enabled unhealthy coping strategies and behaviors. 


Yes, practicing fierce time management can help you to manage stress and improve your quality of your life because it defines the breathing room you need.


However, when you are busy it is often hard to see that you may have started overscheduling yourself as a coping mechanism, perpetually keeping busy to avoid thoughts and feelings you don’t want to process. 


Don’t worry!!! All is not lost…


If we practice managing our time properly by inserting moments of non-doing, experiencing timelessness, then we are better equipped for our day, our daily struggles, and more resilient when life seems out of control.


It is important to remember that other realms of awareness exist that have nothing to do with minutes, hours, or years. 


They are timeless, free and easy places where your intuition and spirit can roam. 


Where are they and how can I get there you ask?!?!?


You get there through:


  •     meditation, 
  •     immersing yourself in nature or a creative project
  •     floating into a trance during a relaxing bath


Whatever it is you are doing it is as if you are so involved in what you're doing that you aren't concentrating on time at all. Surrendering to the moment is a timeless experience.


This concept may perplex you… may be asking…


If I am doing something how can I be “non-doing” at the same time?


Non-doing can arise within action as well as in stillness. The inward stillness of the doer merges with the outward activity to such an extent that the action does itself. Effortless activity. Nothing is forced. 


A good way to stop all the doing is to shift into the being mode for a moment. 


Think of yourself as an eternal witness, as timeless.


Just watch this moment without trying to change it at all. 


  • What is happening? 
  • What do you feel? 
  • What do you see? 
  • What do you hear?


The funny thing about stopping is that as soon as you do it… 


Things get simpler. 


You don't need to make one more phone call right now. 


You don't need to run one more errand.


By taking a few moments to stop on purpose you are freeing yourself to have time for the present.


And after stopping, after non-doing, when you do actually decide to go, it's a different kind of going because you stopped. 


The stopping makes the going more vivid, richer, more textured. 


It helps keep all the things you worry about and feel inadequate about in perspective. 


It gives you guidance.


Try it today. Try it now!!!


  • Try stopping, sitting down, aware of your breathing once in a while throughout the day. 


  • Let go into full acceptance of the present moment, including how you are feeling and what you perceive to be happening. 


  • For these moments. Don't try to change anything at all. Just breathe and let go. 


  • Give yourself permission to allow this moment to be exactly as it is and allow yourself to be exactly as you are. 


  • Then when you're ready. Move in the direction your heart tells you to go mindfully and with intention.


If you can not think of an intention to keep you consistent and motivated I would like to share one with you.


Throughout the week, each day repeat your intention and try stopping  at least once daily. 


“I will lose track of time for a while. I will let my imagination travel to Timeless places that ignite my creativity. I will be free.”



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Happy Non-Doing!


Stay Mindful & Well 💕


Your Mindful Fitness & Wellness Coach,


Amber Green


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